Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man

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Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man
Film poster
Directed by Constantin Popescu Jr.
Written by Constantin Popescu Jr.
Starring Constantin Diţă
Release date
  • February 13, 2010 (2010-02-13) (Berlinale)
Running time
163 minutes
Country Romania
Language Romanian

Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man (Romanian: Portretul luptătorului la tinereţe) is a 2010 Romanian drama film directed by Constantin Popescu Jr. It was released at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival.


The film is the first part of a trilogy which describes the fight of the Romanian anticommunist resistance in the 50s. This first movie is centered on the figure of Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu, a member of the fascist and anti-Semitic Iron Guard, played by Constantin Diţă.

In April 2010, the movie received the Public Award and the Image Award (Liviu Marghidan) at B-EST Film Festival in Bucharest.[1]

The film was released in Romania on 18 November 2010.[2]



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