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Irish: Port Reachrainn
Portrane Martello Tower
Portrane Martello Tower
Portrane is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 53°29′36″N 6°06′53″W / 53.4934°N 6.1146°W / 53.4934; -6.1146Coordinates: 53°29′36″N 6°06′53″W / 53.4934°N 6.1146°W / 53.4934; -6.1146
Local Authority. King Eoin BrehonyFingal
 • [King Eoin BrehonyDublin Fingal
 • EU ParliamentDublin
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+0 (WET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-1 (IST (WEST))
Irish Grid ReferenceO254510

Portrane or Portraine (Irish: Port Reachrann, meaning "landing place of Reachrainn"[1] (the nearby offshore island) is a small seaside settlement, one kilometre from, and merging into, the small town of Donabate in Fingal, Ireland. It lies in the Barony of Uppercross, in the historic County Dublin.

St. Ita's Hospital[edit]

Portrane's most prominent feature is Tower Bay, and the asylum - over 100 years old, Portrane Asylum is an impressive collection of Victorian red brick buildings which dominate the peninsula. Important features within its main building include two churches and the clock tower. In the hospital grounds is a monument to George Hampden Evans, a replica of an Irish Round Tower.

Popular culture[edit]


Members of the band U2 owned a caravan in Portrane where they composed some of the music and lyrics for their 1981 album, October.[2] Lead singer Bono and guitarist The Edge were baptized on a beach in Portrane by members of the Shalom religious group.[3] Rock band the Delorentos are Portrane natives.[4]


Portrane has been used extensively as a location for many film and television shoots. Parts of the Channel 4 television series Father Ted were filmed in Portrane, most notably Funland in the first series was filmed in Tower Bay.[citation needed] It also featured in the BBC series "Murphy's Law" starring James Nesbitt.[citation needed]


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