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The Portugal Golden Visa is a golden visa program by the government of Portugal that grants residency in Portugal to people who invest in properties worth at least €500,000, create 10 jobs in Portugal, purchase of property built over 30 years ago or located in areas of urban renovation worth more than €350,000, €250,000 investment in artistic production or national natural inheritance and others. [1]

The scheme began in 2012,[2] and has been credited with investments of 1.8 billion euros from over 3000 persons.[3]

As of January 2016, Portugal's Real Estate Professionals and Brokers Association reported that 80% of the 2,788 people who had been issued a Golden Visa are Chinese nationals (see Chinese people in Portugal).[4] The next-most common countries in the program were Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and Lebanon.[4]

Spain and Greece have programs comparable to Portugal's Gold Visa program.[4]

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