Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 1999

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Eurovision Song Contest 1999
Country Portugal
National selection
Selection processFestival da Canção 1999
Selection date(s)8 March 1999
Selected entrantRui Bandeira
Selected song"Como tudo começou"
Finals performance
Final result21st, 12 points
Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Portugal selected its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 1999 through the Festival da Canção contest, organised by the Portuguese broadcaster Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP). The winner of the festival was Rui Bandeira with the song "Como tudo começou", which represented Portugal at the Contest in Jerusalem, Israel on 29 May.

Festival da Canção 1999[edit]

Festival da Canção 1999 was the 36th edition of the festival, and was used to select the 35th Portuguese entry at the Eurovision Song Contest. The contest was held on 8 March 1999 at the Pavilhão Atlântico in Lisbon, hosted by Manuel Luís Goucha and Alexandra Lencastre. Eight songs competed in the contest, with the winner selected by the votes of 11 regional juries. The winner was Rui Bandeira with "Como tudo começou".

Festival da Canção 1999 - 8 March 1999
Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Tempo "Uma parte de mim" 51 5
2 Liliana Pinheiro "Eu, tu e nós" 32 7
3 Francisco Ceia "Romanzeira" 21 8
4 Rui Bandeira "Como tudo começou" 90 1
5 Sofia Froes "Menina alegria" 72 2
6 Célia Oliveira "Ser o que sou" 64 3
7 Tó Leal "Sete anos, sete dias" 44 6
8 Filipa Lourenço "No cais da solidão" 57 4

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the contest Bandeira performed 16th, following Sweden and preceding Ireland. The song received 12 points at the close of the voting, all from France, placing 21st of 23 countries competing.

Points Awarded by Portugal[edit]


12 points  Germany
10 points  Sweden
8 points  Israel
7 points  Estonia
6 points  Croatia
5 points  Austria
4 points  Iceland
3 points  Denmark
2 points  Netherlands
1 point  Malta

Points Awarded to Portugal[edit]

Points Awarded to Portugal (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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