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Volkswagen Golf of the PE
Army Police Honor Guard for Donald Rumsfeld.

The Army Police (Portuguese: Polícia do Exército, PE), usually called the Lanceiros, is the military police of the Portuguese Army — formerly designated as Polícia Militar (Military Police) between 1953 and 1976. In the Portuguese Army it is a speciality of the Cavalry Arm, being the instruction and organization of the Army Police forces is of the responsibility of the Regimento de Lanceiros Nº 2 (2nd Lancers Regiment).

The military police wear a black beret.

Field organization[edit]

Operational units of the Army Police:

  • Army Police Group of the Army's Permanent Operational Force General Support Forces;
  • Army Police platoons of the Mechanized Brigade, of the Rapid Reaction Brigade, of the Intervention Brigade, of the Military Zone of Azores and of the Military Zone of Madeira;
  • Army Police platoon of the Military Prison;
  • Army Police platoon of the School of Cavalry.

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