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This article is about the Polícia do Exército of Portugal. For the similar named Polícia do Exército of Brazil, see Army Police (Brazil).
Volkswagen Golf of the PE
Army Police Honor Guard for Donald Rumsfeld.

The Army Police (Portuguese: Polícia do Exército, PE), usually called the Lanceiros, is the military police of the Portuguese Army — formerly designated as Polícia Militar (Military Police) between 1953 and 1976. In the Portuguese Army it is a speciality of the Cavalry Arm, being the instruction and organization of the Army Police forces is of the responsibility of the Regimento de Lanceiros Nº 2 (2nd Lancers Regiment).

The military police wear a black beret.

Field organization[edit]

Operational units of the Army Police:

  • Army Police Group of the Army's Permanent Operational Force General Support Forces;
  • Army Police platoons of the Mechanized Brigade, of the Rapid Reaction Brigade, of the Intervention Brigade, of the Military Zone of Azores and of the Military Zone of Madeira;
  • Army Police platoon of the Military Prison;
  • Army Police platoon of the School of Cavalry.

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