Portuguese Chess Federation

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Portuguese Chess Federation
Portuguese Chess Federation Logo.jpg
Sport Chess
Abbreviation (FPX)
Founded 22 January 1927
Affiliation FIDE
President Dominic Cross
Official website

The Portuguese Chess Federation (Portuguese: Federação Portuguesa de Xadrez) is the governing body for chess in Portugal. It is affiliated to FIDE. Its president is Dominic Cross.[1]

Portuguese Team Championship[edit]

Up to 2008, the national team championship was a 9-round competition involving 10 teams. Each match was played across four boards. From 2009 to 2011, the championship was fought by 16 teams across six boards (2009-2010; four boards 2011). The 2012 edition returned to the old model.

Year Location Champion
2007 Évora GD Diana (Évora)
2008 Évora GD Diana (Évora)
2009 Vila Nova de Gaia AX Gaia
2010 Vila Nova de Gaia AX Gaia
2011 Torres Vedras AX Gaia
2012 Matosinhos AA Coimbra
2013 Matosinhos AX Gaia
2014 Caldas da Rainha GD Dias Ferreira
2015 Matosinhos AX Gaia
2016 Matosinhos AX Gaia
2017 Leiria July 2017

Portuguese Chess Cup[edit]

The Portuguese Chess Cup (Portuguese: Taça de Portugal de Xadrez) is open to all clubs registered with the Portuguese Chess Federation. Each match is played across four boards.

2008 Final GD Diana (Évora) 2.5 - 1.5 ACR Vale de Câmbra
2009 Final ACR Vale de Câmbra 3 - 1 AX Gaia
2010 Final GD Diana (Évora) 2.5 - 1.5 ACR Vale de Cambra
2011 Final ACR Vale de Cambra 4 - 0 Moto Clube do Porto
2012 Final ACR Vale de Cambra 4 - 0 ADRC Mata de Benfica
2013 Final AX Gaia 3 - 1 Clube TAP
2014 Final GD Dias Ferreira[2] 2 - 2 AX Gaia
2015 Final GD Dias Ferreira[3] 2 - 2 Sporting
2016 Final GD Dias Ferreira 3 - 1 Sporting

Portuguese Individual Championship[edit]

The Portuguese Chess Championship is the annual individual national chess championship of Portugal. It was established in 1911.


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  2. ^ GD Dias Ferreira won due to its victory on the first board
  3. ^ GD Dias Ferreira won due to its victory on the second board

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