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Portuguese Marxist–Leninist Committee (in Portuguese: Comité Marxista-Leninista Português) was a communist organization in Portugal. CM-LP was formed in March 1964 by a group led by Francisco Martins Rodrigues.[1] Martins, who was a Central Committee Member of the Portuguese Communist Party, had split from PCP in January the same year. CM-LP was formed after the formation of the Popular Action Front, which existed parallel to CM-LP.[1]

CM-LP published Revolução Popular.

In 1965 most of the leadership of CM-LP was imprisoned. A committee in the exterior holds a conference in 1967.

In 1968 one section, representing most of the leadership that was not jailed, starts the publication O Comunista. This group later merges into the Portuguese Marxist-Leninist Communist Organization (OCMLP).

In 1969 a second conference of another tendency is held inside Portugal, through the initiative of Eduíno Vilar. They start publishing Unidade Popular in March 1969. In 1970 they form the Communist Party of Portugal (Marxist-Leninist).

In 1975 the PUP retook the name CM-LP.


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