Portuguese sauce

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Portuguese sauce
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Type Curry
Place of origin Macau
Main ingredients Curry powder, coconut milk
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Portuguese sauce
Chinese 葡汁
Literal meaning Portugal sauce

Molho português (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈmoʎu puɾtuˈɣeʃ], Portuguese sauce) in Macanese cuisine, refers to a sauce made of curry powder and coconut milk, that is milder and richer than the usual curry.[citation needed] Its name purportedly came about because it first became popular in Macau, then a Portuguese colony.

In Argentina, salsa portuguesa refers to a cooked mixture of tomato, bell peppers and onions,[1] used in Brazil as a carne moída or hot dog sauce.[citation needed] In Brazil the version consumed by itself is referred as molho à campanha, named after the most traditional area of Rio Grande do Sul, a praîrie that is land of the Brazilian gaúchos (the Brazilian version is always finely chopped and raw and generally includes also vinegar, olive oil, salt and cheiro-verde—very finely chopped parsley and welsh onions—or spice).


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