Pos Allazei O Kairos

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Pos Allazei O Kairos
Πως Αλλάζει Ο Καιρός
O kairos.JPG
Studio album by Katy Garbi
Released October 23, 2006
Genre Modern Laika
Length 1:11:02
Label Sony BMG Greece/RCA
Producer The Team
Katy Garbi chronology
Eho Sta Matia Ourano
Pos Allazei O Kairos
18 Hronia Live
Singles from Pos Allazei O Kairos
  1. "Isovios Desmos"
    Released: July, 2006
  2. "Pos Allazei O Kairos"
    Released: October 4, 2006
  3. "Afti"
    Released: February 12, 2007
  4. "Poios Eisai Esi"
    Released: March, 2007
  5. "Ta Paidika Sou Matia"
    Released: April, 2007

Pos Allazei O Kairos is an album by popular Greek artist Katy Garbi. It was released in Greece and Cyprus on October 23, 2006 by Sony BMG Greece. The album is her only album to carry a traditional Modern Laika genre throughout its complete track listing, and thus did not incorporate her past Pop and Dance stylings which were found to be successful in previous releases, however the album was certified Gold. The album was promoted in some way in the series "7 thanasimes petheres" of Mega Channel, where Garbi portrayed the main character of a 3-episode story.


Pos Allazei O Kairos was released on October 23, 2006 as Garbi's sixteenth studio album. It is her only album to date to carry the RCA Records logo as an imprint, as all of her past releases were under the Columbia imprint. The album did not turn out to be a smash hit for Garbi, but was able to chart for five weeks on the Greek Albums Chart peaking at number five. It was also certified Gold the following year, and its title track has been announced as the 8th most successful Greek airplay track of the 2000s on Alpha's Chart Show Countdown.

Fame Story IV[edit]

With Katy as one of the permanent judges on the final installment of Fame Story, at various times she used the show to announce exclusive news about her latest discographical movements, such as her collaboration with contestant Stathis Raftopoulos, where their duet and first single of the album "Isovios Desmos" premiered on the show.

Track list[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Afti" (Αυτή; Her) Andreas Bonatsos Andreas Bonatsos 3:19
2. "Ego Eimai Edo" (Εγώ είμαι εδώ; I am here) Niki Spyropoulo Giorgos Alkaios 4:33
3. "Pos Allazei O Kairos (Anemos)" (Πως αλλάζει ο καιρός [Άνεμος]; How the weather changes [Wind]) Pegasus Pegasus 4:07
4. "Anemodeiktis [Na Mou Leipei]" (Ανεμοδείκτης [Να μου λείπει]; Wind vane [To be missing it (your love)]) Nikos Sarris Αntonis Skokos 4:00
5. "Hari Sou Kano" (Χάρη σου κάνω; I'm doing you a favour) Nikos Sarris Antonis Skokos 3:19
6. "To Meta Fovamai" (Το μετά φοβάμαι; I'm scared of the afterward) Andreas Bonatsos Andreas Bonatsos 3:38
7. "Ohi Emeis" (Όχι εμείς; Not us) Andreas Bonatsos Andreas Bonatsos 2:59
8. "Ta Paidika Sou Matia" (Τα παιδικά σου μάτια; Your childish eyes) Pegasus Pegasus 3:33
9. "De M'Agapas" (Δε μ'αγαπάς; You don't love me) Andreas Bonatsos Andreas Bonatsos 4:07
10. "I Eleftheria Mou" (Η ελευθερία μου; My liberty) Christos Satanidis Christos Satanidis 3:46
11. "Apagorevetai" (Απαγορεύεται; It's forbidden) Andreas Bonatsos Andreas Bonatsos 3:31
12. "Koroido Piastikes" (Κορόιδο πιάστηκες; You've been made a fool of) Pegasus Pegasus 3:34
13. "Kai Tha Me Parakaleseis" (Και θα με παρακαλέσεις; And you will beg me) Andreas Bonatsos Andreas Bonatsos 3:56
14. "Isovios Desmos (ft Stathis Raftopoulos)" (Ισόβιος δεσμός; Lifelong bond) Pegasus Pegasus 4:43
15. "Esi Eisai Opos O Kairos" (Εσύ είσαι όπως ο καιρός; You are like the weather) Smaroula Margoudaki Panaiotis Steriou 3:36
16. "Allothi" (Άλλοθι; Alibi) Niki Spyropoulo Giorgos Alkaios 4:54
17. "Poios Eisai Esi" (Ποιος είσαι 'συ; Who Are You) Giannis Liontos Panaiotis Steriou 3:35
18. "Kala Kano Kai Klaio" (Καλά κάνω και κλαίω; I'm doing good for crying) Andreas Bonatsos Andreas Bonatsos 3:31
19. "Diamantoskoni" (Διαμαντόσκονη; Diamond dust) Nikos Sarris Antonis Skokos 4:44
20. "To Meta Fovamai (Karaoke)" (Το μετά φοβάμαι; I'm scared of the afterward) Andreas Bonatsos Andreas Bonatsos 3:38


"Isovios Desmos"

Main article: Isovios Desmos

"Pos Allazei O Kairos"

The ballad "Pos Allazei O Kairos" and title track of the album was the second single and the album's first music video, which was released on October 24, 2006. Substantially successful, the track first made airplay on October 4 exclusively by Sfera Radio[1] The song is composed by the duo Pegasos. Paschalis Terzis, a popular modern laika singer, performs the backing vocal in the song. It is directed by Manolis Tzirakis and portrays a blonde Garbi in a mansion furnished in antiquities.
Katy in music video for Afti


"Afti" was the third single off the album and was also made into a music video, which was released in February 2007. It managed to make its way onto the Greek IFPI singles charts, however it only received moderate radio airplay.
Music Video
Directed by Giorgos Gavalos of View Studio, the second music video was filmed in January and subsequently released in February and features two depictions of Garbi in the same frame using special effects.[2] The second Garbi represents the other woman whom she refers to as "Afti" in the lyrics; the woman set on taking away her man.[3]

"Poios Eisai Esi"

"Poios Eisai Esi" was the fourth and final single. It was released at the end of March 2007. The song is a strong zeibekiko. Due to the two previous singles only achieving moderate success, the prospects for a third music video were put off and the single was only released as a radio promo.


Chart Providers Peak
Weeks On Charts Certification
Greek Albums Chart IFPI [1] 5 5 Gold
Cypriot (Greek) Albums Chart All Records 4 +5 Gold


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