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PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)
Government-owned corporation (to become Publicily held corporation in 2013)
Predecessor PN Pos dan Telekomunikasi (1961–65)
PN Pos dan Giro (1965–78)
Perum Pos dan Giro (1978–95)
Founded 6 June 1995
Headquarters Bandung, Indonesia
Area served
Key people
Gilarsi Wahyu Setijono, CEO
Services Mail and logistics
Revenue Increase Rp 2.4 trillion (2009)[1]
Profit Increase Rp 84 billion (2009)[1]
Website www.posindonesia.co.id

Pos Indonesia is the state-owned company responsible for providing postal service in Indonesia. It was established with the current structure in 1995 and now operates 11 regional divisions.


Jakarta regional post office, 1971

Postal service in colonial Dutch East Indies was provided by the Post- Telegraaf- en Telefoondienst (PTT; Post, Telegraph, and Telephone Service), established in 1906. On 27 September 1945, following the proclamation of Indonesia's independence, the central PTT office in Bandung was seized from occupying Japanese forces. It became a state-owned company in 1961 and then split in 1965 to form two separate companies, one providing telecommunication services and the other mail and giro. The new mail services company was reorganized in 1978. A government decree came into effect on 6 June 1995 to create the current Pos Indonesia.[2]


Headquarter of Pos Indonesia in Bandung.
Post office in Bojonegoro, East Java
Pos Indonesia's mobile post office

Pos Indonesia operates in 11 regional divisions across the country, each covering multiple provinces. Each region operates several hundred inner city, outer city, and remote locations.[3] There are 3,700 post offices nationwide with 3,190 post offices provide money transfer services in cooperation with Western Union.[4]


Late delivery, theft and loss of mail are common at Pos Indonesia. Private courier services such as JNE or Tiki are the preferred means of sending mail within Indonesia.

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