Posadowsky Glacier (Bouvet Island)

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Posadowsky Glacier is a glacier which flows to the north coast of Bouvetøya, 1 nautical mile (1.9 km) eastward of Cape Circoncision. It was first charted and named by the Gauss Expedition under Erich von Drygalski, which visited the island in February 1902.

Posadowsky Glacier was named for Count Arthur von Posadowsky-Wehner, Secretary of the Interior of the German Empire, who was instrumental in obtaining a government grant to cover the cost of the Drygalski expedition.

 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Posadowsky Glacier (Bouvet Island)" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).

Coordinates: 54°25′S 3°22′E / 54.417°S 3.367°E / -54.417; 3.367