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Posankka is a statue located in Turku, Finland. The statue, which is located near the campus area of the University of Turku and the Turku Student Village, represents a hybrid between a marzipan pig ("possu") and a rubber duck ("ankka"). It is a pink animal with a duck's lower body and a pig's head.[1]

The statue was designed by Alvar Gullichsen in 1999 when it was placed floating in the Aurajoki river in Turku. The statue has stood at its current location since 2001.[1]

Every winter, a Santa Claus hat is put on Posankka's head. [2]


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Coordinates: 60°27′30.9″N 22°17′22.5″E / 60.458583°N 22.289583°E / 60.458583; 22.289583