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Positive Infinity are a collaborative group of musicians from Miami, Florida who work with various musical genres. While they are a full featured studio band, Positive Infinity are generally considered to be the solo project of Living Corban's former vocalist and guitarist, Jonathan Roberts. Positive Infinity were originally set to be a simple rock band, following the basic formula, but they have evolved into much more. Some early work that was released under the band title "Positive Infinity" fell under the rock and other rock related genres - but more recent work has taken a new turn, into more experimental and multi-genre based songs.


The original drive for creating Positive Infinity was Jonathan Roberts's leaving the band “Living Corban”, when they broke up. However, Jonathan recorded and produced two CDs (Fractal Notes and Shoe Throats and How Not to Die in Less Than 24 Hours) before the band officially split. These two CDs were produced under the band name “Positive Infinity” - which at the time included Jonathan Roberts working collaboratively with Lee Arnone and Harvey Summers. These initial CDs had a limited run online, and production was discontinued in early 2006.

After production of How Not to Die in Less Than 24 Hours stopped, Positive Infinity went through various changes. Different musicians came and left, supporting the work in a handful of projects. Eventually the group settled with two core members Jonathan, David Roberts. With this arrangement(Along with the help of Brian Betancourt and Brian Deltoro) Dreams Walk the Waking World EP(October 2007) was released to show some tracks that were to be included on an upcoming CD.

Then, in 2008, Positive Infinity took its music to a new level. The upcoming full-length CD based on Dreams Walk the Waking World EP was scrapped. New projects took its place and the old work was revamped. They released Electro Hymns of the Faith (electronic, techno versions of hymns from the 19th century.) In late 2008 their album Ahuman Anagram was released, containing many of the revamped works from previous years - as well as new works.[1]



  • Jonathan Roberts - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Piano, Synth Programming
  • David Roberts - Synth, Piano, Percussion, Trumpet, Harmonica, Vocals


  • Brian Betancourt - Electric Guitar
  • Brian Deltoro - Electric Guitar
  • Harvey Summers - Piano, Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Mandolin, Percussion
  • Emilio Agudo - Electric Guitar
  • Pedro Santana - Electric Guitar


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