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Poso in 2015
Poso in 2015
Sentinel-2 L1C satellite image, featuring the city of Poso in April 2018
Sentinel-2 L1C satellite image, featuring the city of Poso in April 2018
Poso is located in Sulawesi
Location of Poso in Sulawesi
Coordinates: 1°24′S 120°45′E / 1.400°S 120.750°E / -1.400; 120.750Coordinates: 1°24′S 120°45′E / 1.400°S 120.750°E / -1.400; 120.750
Country  Indonesia
Province Central Sulawesi
Regency Poso
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total 40,300
Time zone +8 (UTC+8)
Website http://posokab.go.id/

Poso (Old Spelling: Posso) is the main port and transportation hub for the central-southern coast of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Its geographical location is 1°24′S 120°45′E / 1.400°S 120.750°E / -1.400; 120.750. The city of Poso is an amalgamation of three sub-districts, consists of Poso Kota, North Poso Kota, and South Poso Kota.

Poso is the administrative capital of Poso Regency (one of twelve regencies in Central Sulawesi Province), is located exactly in the middle of the province on the shore of the Gulf of Tomini, right in the central part of Sulawesi island, and is the main port and transportation hub for the north-eastern coast of Sulawesi. It is not to be confused with Lake Poso, which is some distance inland. With the total of population of over 40,000, Poso is one of the biggest and the oldest towns in the province.[1]

Poso began to develop as a small port city located at the mouth of the Poso River at the end of the 19th century—making it one of the oldest cities in Central Sulawesi, and its presence was considered important for the Dutch to control the southern region of Tomini in the early days of their arrival. Poso was the administrative center of Landschap Poso, Onderafdeling Poso, and later Afdeling Poso during colonial times. In the midst of the World War II, the Japanese made Poso one of their military posts. Post-independence, Poso was chosen as the capital of the newly formed Central Sulawesi in 1948 before being transferred to Palu in 1951.

The central location of Poso has made it a stopover either from the north to the south, or from west to the east of Sulawesi. It is for this reason that the population of Poso consists of many different ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. People living in Poso are spread from the coastal area to the mountainous region, with the main sources of income being trade and services.

Poso is crossed by Trans-Sulawesi National Highway and served by Kasiguncu Airport, linking it to other cities in Sulawesi such as Palu and Makassar.



According to the Köppen climate classification, Poso has tropical rainforest climate (Af). The average annual temperature is 25.8 ℃. The hottest month is October, with an average monthly temperature of 26.4 ℃. The wettest month is July, with monthly average temperatures reaching 25.3 ℃. The average annual rainfall is 1694.2 milimetres, and the maximum rainfall in July reaches 182.9 milimetres. The minimum monthly rainfall is January which reaches 111.8 milimetres. Annual rainfall is averaged 160.8 per days, with the most number of rainy days being in January, which reached 20.1 days; in contrast from September, whose average rainfall is only 8.1 days.[2]

Climate data for Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Daily mean °C (°F) 25.6
Average precipitation mm (inches) 113
Average precipitation days 20 17.3 16.4 12.7 13 12.3 10.5 9.5 8.1 9.3 12.9 18.8 160.8
Average relative humidity (%) 84.5 84.2 84.1 84.3 83.7 83.2 81.2 78.7 78.2 79.8 82.5 84.4 82.4
Mean daily sunshine hours 12.6 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.4 12.4 12.4 12.4 12.4 12.5 12.5 12.6 12.5
Source: Weatherbase[2]

Tourism and culture

Children at the Protestant missionary school in Poso

Poso can be reached by plane from Palu or by bus from many other big cities on Sulawesi, and is situated on the equator. It features tropical rain forest, seashore gardens and other natural scenery. Sintuwu Maroso Square is the main town square and located in central Poso. Rumah Katu Marine Park is the water park located 10 km from the center of Poso.

Modero is a well known traditional dance which is performed during celebration of rice harvesting (Padungku), usually in the evenings.

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