Possession by Remote Control

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Possession by Remote Control
Astroman possession.jpg
EP by Man or Astro-man?
Released 1992
Recorded Zero Return Studios 10/31/92
Genre surf rock
Label Homo Habilis Records
Producer Jim Marrer and Man or Astro-man?
Man or Astro-man? chronology
Possession by Remote Control
Is It ... Man Or Astroman?

Possession by Remote Control is the debut release from Man or Astro-man?. It was released by Homo Habilis Records in 1992 on 7" clear blue vinyl.[1] The title is explained on the back cover, which reads:

"Transmissions are coming through! TV's are everywhere. You're supposed to watch them. You must watch them. Spewing their enchanting radiation on our children, there's no turning back. They're here to stay for the glazed eyes of generations to come. But their influence extends beyond the family room. They're affecting our young people in all ways. As seen here on this record, Man or Astro-Man? are captive slaves to the idiot tube. Completely enraptured by the uncompromising rays, they have become mindless teens playing the music that the cable god orders them to. And now with the channel changer, sometimes called a flipper or zapper, all hope is lost for the boys. Possession by Remote Control is the music of zombies controlled by distant and unknown broadcasting centers. In no case has anyone ever spent such a gross waste of time on a device such as television. But just wait until they get a satellite dish!"[2]

Track listing[edit]

A Side[edit]

  • "Eric Estrotica"
  • "Landlocked"

B Side[edit]

Line Up[3][edit]

  • Star Crunch: lead string scratchin'
  • Birdstuff: hi-hat
  • Dr. Deleto and his Invisible Vaportron: bass sterlized rhythm guitar [sic]
  • Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard: sound enhancement, alternate universe bass
  • Grand Master Useless: special guest celebrity organ on "Landlocked"


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