Postage stamps and postal history of Cameroon

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A 1906 German occupation stamp of "Kamerun".

Postage stamps have been used in Cameroon or Cameroun since the nineteenth century.

German protectorate[edit]

Cameroon became a German Protectorate in 1884 and used the postage stamps of Germany in 1897 and 1900 overprinted with Kamerun.[1]

French occupation[edit]

During World War I, from 1914 to 1916 it was occupied by Allied Troops and the French in Cameroon issued stamps of Equatorial Gabon in 1915 overprinted with Corps ExpeditionnaireFranco-Anglais Cameroun and in 1916 used the stamps of Middle Congo overprinted with Occupation Francaise de Cameroun, and continued to use Middle Congo overprints until the 1920s.[1]

Joint mandate[edit]

In 1922 Britain and France were granted separate United Nations mandates. When the French mandate of Cameroun became an independent republic in 1960, in September 1961, following a plebiscite, the British mandate joined the Republic of Cameroon.[1] For some time stamps of Nigeria were also overprinted with Cameroon. In 1995, the Republic joined the British Commonwealth.

An overprint on a Nigerian stamp.

Current issues[edit]

Today, issues vary in the language used. Some issues may be in French reading Rèpublique du Cameroun and others may be in English, reading Republic of Cameroon.[1]


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