Postage stamps and postal history of Dalmatia

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An Italian express mail stamp overprinted for use in Dalmatia.

This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Dalmatia.

Italian occupation[edit]

In May 1919, Italy issued special postage stamps for the part of Dalmatia it had occupied during World War I.[1]

The stamps were produced as surcharges of Italian stamps; the first appeared 1 May 1919, and consisted of the Italian 1-lira overprinted "una / corona". 5c and 10c overprints were issued in 1921, reading "5[10] / centesimi / di corona", followed by an additional five values in 1922. Similar overprints were made for special delivery and postage due stamps.

Soon after the annexed territories switched to Italian currency and stamps. As a result, usage was uncommon and validly-used stamps are today worth about 50-100% more than unused. They are easily confused with the Italian issues used in occupied Austria; the Dalmatian overprints are distinguished by their use of a sans serif typeface.

German occupation[edit]

Parts of Dalmatia were occupied by Germany in September 1943 and stamps of Germany were overprinted for use in this area, centered on Zara.[2]


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