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There was a plan to introduce postal codes in Jamaica, first announced on June 6, 2005.[1] On February 12, 2007 it was announced that the postcode project had been suspended indefinitely.[2]

The codes were planned to be alphanumeric, in the format: JMAPPNN, where

  • JM is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code
  • A is a letter for one of four zones
  • PP are two letters for a parish
  • NN is a two-digit number for a post office

Division of postal codes[edit]

The zones were described in a press release of Jamaica Post 18 July 2005,[3] the encoding of the post offices one week later on 25 July 2005.[4] The four zones into which the parishes are divided does not correspond with the traditional division of parishes into counties. The parish codes are as follows.

Relationship to existing postal zones[edit]

Although Kingston, the country's capital, along with part of the parish of St Andrew, was already subdivided into postal zones, these were not incorporated into the new codes. For example, JMAAW03 was to be the postcode for Kingston 8, rather than JMAAW08, which was to be the postcode for Half Way Tree, in Kingston 10, while the postcode for Vineyard Town, Kingston 3 was to have been JMAAW20.[5]

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