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A 1979 stamp of Morocco.

The first Moroccan postal stamps were produced in 1891 by companies which managed correspondence between two cities. The system was replaced after a reorganization in the end of 1911. Morocco started producing two series of postal stamps which served the whole of Morocco until 1915 and Tangier until 1919.

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The French offices of the protectorate[edit]

Since 1891, the French post offices in Morocco emptied the folds which were entrusted to them with French stamps by over-charging them of their value in Spanish currency. Then, with the first years of French protectorate, as for the other french colonies, stamps bearing the name "MAROC"[1] were produced in Arabic. Tangier, as an international zone, had a French office which used the stamps of French Morocco labeled with the name of the city.

After independence[edit]

After the independence in 1956, the kingdom of Morocco regained its postal autonomy. Series of everyday usage were printed with the effigy of the sovereign king of Morocco.

A 1935 telegraph stamp of Spanish Morocco.

Stamps marked Western Sahara[edit]

Stamps marked República Saharaui (Saharan Republic), Sahara Occidental (Western Sahara) or Sahara Occ. R.A.S.D. relate to a disputed region to the south of Morocco and the west of Mauritania along the Atlantic coast of Africa. The Moroccan post office, in a Universal Postal Union circular, has stated that they do not regard these stamps as legitimate.[2]

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