Postal orders of the Chatham Islands

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Although the Chatham Islands are constitutionally part of New Zealand, the Chatham Islands did issue numismatic items prior to the banknote issues of 1999 / 2000 and 2001 in the form of postal notes and postal orders.

Chatham Islands-issued New Zealand Postal Notes[edit]

Like New Zealand, the Chatham Islands issued New Zealand postal notes. There was one post office that was issuing postal notes - Waitangi, Chatham Islands. It is not yet known when New Zealand postal notes began to be issued, but the last date of issue is 31 July 1986. The Chatham Islands' issues of postal notes are very sought after by collectors of the postal orders of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Chatham Islands-issued British Postal Orders[edit]

Like New Zealand, British postal orders were issued at the post office at Waitangi. It is also not yet known when British postal orders were introduced into the Chatham Islands, but the last possible date can be narrowed down to the nearest month - March 1985. The issue of British postal orders ceased due to the scrapping of foreign exchange controls by the New Zealand Finance Minister, Roger Douglas.

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