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Postcard Records is a Glasgow-based independent record label founded by Alan Horne in 1979, as a vehicle for releases by Orange Juice and Josef K. The label's motto was "The Sound of Young Scotland", a parody/tribute to the Motown motto; its logo featured a cartoon cat beating a drum. Although short-lived, Postcard was a key influence on the C81 and the later C86 indie-pop movements, although possibly more associated with sophisti-pop at the time.

The label's first release, in spring 1980, was Orange Juice's, Falling and Laughing, which was jointly financed by Horne and band members Edwyn Collins and bass guitarist David McClymont.[1] The label went on to sign such bands as Aztec Camera and The Go-Betweens, before winding down in 1981 shortly after Orange Juice left to sign a major deal with Polydor. Horne resuscitated Postcard in 1992, releasing various new albums and retrospectives until 1995.


Date Artist Title Type UK Indie Chart position Catalogue ref
February 1980 Orange Juice "Falling and Laughing" Single #48 80 1
August 1980 Orange Juice "Blue Boy" Single #15 80 2
August 1980 Josef K "Radio Drill Time" Single #15 80 3
November 1980 The Go-Betweens "I Need Two Heads" Single #6 80 4
December 1980 Josef K "It's Kinda Funny" Single #12 80 5
December 1980 Orange Juice "Simply Thrilled Honey" Single #5 80 6
March 1981 Orange Juice "Poor Old Soul" Single #5 81 2
March 1981 Aztec Camera "Just Like Gold" Single #10 81 3
March 1981 Josef K "Sorry For Laughing" Single 81 4
May 1981 Josef K "Chance Meeting" Single #5 81 5
1981 Orange Juice "Wan Light" (assigned serial number but never issued) Single 81 6
July 1981 Josef K "The Only Fun In Town" Album #3 81 7
August 1981 Aztec Camera "Mattress Of Wire" Single #8 81 8

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