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Postcards Records was an American jazz record company and label founded in 1993 by Ralph Simon and Sybil Golden. Through 1997 its catalogue included music by Paul Bley, Bill Frisell, Julian Priester, Gary Peacock, Sam Rivers, and Reggie Workman. In 1999 Arkadia Jazz bought Postcards, producing new recordings and reissuing the back catalogue.[1][2]


Personnel Album Year Catalog #
Paul Bley Synth Thesis 1994 1001[3]
Alan Pasqua, Dave Holland, Paul Motian, Gary Bartz, Randy Brecker Dedications 1996 1012[4]
John Clark, Trevor Clark, Stanton Davis, Bruce Ditmas, Alex Foster, Chris Hunter, Howard Johnson, Ryo Kawasaki, Pete Levin, Mike Richmond, Bob Stewart, Dave Taylor I Will 2000 1016[5]
Bruce Ditmas, John Abercrombie, Sam Rivers, Paul Bley, Dominic Richards What If 1995 1007 [6]
Steve Kuhn, Tom Harrell, Bob Mintzer, Al Foster, George Mraz Seasons of Romance 2000 1009[7]
Harold Land, Billy Higgins, Bill Henderson, James Leary, Ray Ellis A Lazy Afternoon 1999 1008[8]
Alan Pasqua, Dave Holland, Michael Brecker, Jack DeJohnette, John Clark Milagro 1994 1022[9]
Gary Peacock, Bill Frisell Just so Happens 1994 1005[10]
Julian Priester, Sam Rivers, Tucker Martine Hints on Light and Shadow 2000 1017[11]
Ralph Simon, Gene Adler, Jeff Berman, Tom Beyer, David Dunaway, Billy Hart, Marc Johnson, Dan Rose, Chip White As 1994 1004[12]
Ralph Simon, Paul Bley, Gary Peacock, Julian Priester Music for the Millennium 1996 1015[13]
Bob Stewart, Dave Burrell, John Clark, Stanton Davis, Fred Griffen, Jerome Harris, Graham Haynes, Taj Mahal, Aaron Scott, Marshall Sealy, Steve Turre, Carlos Ward, Buddy Williams, James Zollar Then & Now 2000 1014 [14]
Jorge Sylvester, Claudio Roditi, Santi Debriano, Bobby Sanabria Musicollage 1996 1011[15]
Joris Teepe, Don Braden, Chris Potter, David Hazeltine, Bruce Cox For Adults Only 2000 1021[16]
Reggie Workman, Andrew Hill, Sam Rivers, Julian Priester, Pheeroan akLaff Summit Conference 2000 1003[17]
Sam Rivers, Reggie Workman, Gerry Hemingway, Geri Allen, Julian Priester Cerebral Caverns 1995 1010[18]
Chip White, Gary Bartz, Steve Nelson, Robin Eubanks, Claudio Roditi Harlem Sunset 1994 1006[19]