Postcards from Leningrad

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Postcards from Leningrad
Poster posdelen.jpg
Postcards from Leningrad film poster
Directed by Mariana Rondon
Written by Mariana Rondon
Starring Laureano Olivares,
Greisy Mena
Distributed by Sudaka Films
Release date
September 7, 2007
Country Venezuela
Language Spanish

Postcards from Leningrad (2007, Spanish title: Postales de Leningrado) is a Venezuelan film, written and directed by Mariana Rondón. It is a drama about children growing up among guerrilla groups in the 1960s in Venezuela.

It is Venezuela's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film of the 80th Academy Awards.


Laureano Olivares - Teo
Greisy Mena - Marcela/Clara/Mercedes
William Cifuentes - Teo (Child)
Haydee Faverola - Grandmother
María Fernanda Ferro - Marta
Ignacio Marquez - Tio Miguel
Oswaldo Hidalgo - Grandfather
Claudia Usubillaga - The Girl


During the leftist uprising in the 1960s in Venezuela, a young guerrilla-girl, living in secrecy, gives birth to her first daughter during Mother's Day. Due to that, her photos appear on the newspaper, since that moment they would have to run away.

Hidden places, false disguises and names are the daily life of The Girl, the narrator of the story. Alongside her cousin (Teo), they re-live the adventures of their guerrilla parents, building up a labyrinth with superheroes and strategies, in which nobody knows where the reality (or madness) begins. However, this children's game does not hide the deaths, tortures, denunciations and treason within the guerrillas.

The kids want to convert themselves into The Invisible Man, in order to escape from the danger. However, they know that their parents might never comeback and therefore, they'll only receive Postcards from Leningrad.

Awards and honors[edit]

  • Best Director (Rajatha Chakoram)at International Film Festival of Kerala(IFFK), 2008[1]
  • Golden Sun Award at Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema, 2007[2]
  • Golden India Catalina Award for best film at Cartagena Film Festival, 2008[2]
  • Feature Film Trophy for best film at Cine Ceara National Cinema Festival, 2008[2]
  • International Jury Award (Revelation Category) at São Paulo International Film Festival, 2007[2]


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