GRUNDIGligaen (women)

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Countries  Norway
Confederation EHF
Founded 1968
Number of teams 12
Relegation to First Division
Level on pyramid Level 1
International cup(s) Champions League
Cup Winners' Cup
Women's EHF Cup
Current champions Larvik HK
Most championships Larvik HK (17 titles)
Website [1]

The GRUNDIGligaen is the premier women's professional handball league in Norway. It was established in 1968, and it is currently contested by twelve teams. Larvik HK, which has dominated the competition in recent years, is the championship's most successful team with seventeen titles, followed by IL Vestar and Byåsen IL with nine and five respectively.[1] As of 2013 it is one of six European leagues that are granted a direct spot in the Champions League's group stage for the champion plus an additional qualifier spot for the runner-up. The league has been sponsored by Grundig since 2014 and therefore the league was called the GRUNDIGligaen. The former sponsor of the league was Posten, hence the former name "Postenligaen".


The twelve teams of the 2015–16 season. Larvik HK are the defending champions.

Team Location Arena Season 14/15
Byåsen HE Trondheim Trondheim Spektrum 5th
Glassverket Elite Drammen Drammenshallen 2nd
HK Halden Halden Remmenhallen 10th
Larvik HK Larvik Boligmappa Arena Larvik 1st
Molde Elite Molde Idrettens Hus Promoted
Nordstrand HE Oslo Bjørnholthallen 9th
Oppsal IF Oslo Oppsal Arena 4th
Rælingen Rælingen Marikollhallen Promoted
Skrim Kongsberg Kongsberg Kongsberghallen 7th
Sola Håndball Sola Åsenhallen Promoted
Tertnes Håndball Bergen Haukelandshallen 3rd
Vipers Kristiansand Kristiansand Aquarama 6th

EHF league ranking[edit]

For season 2015/2016[2]
Movement Last season's
League Coefficient
1 (1) Hungary Nemzeti Bajnokság I 112,44
2 (2) Denmark Danish League 100,67
3 Substituted in (4) Russia Russian Super League 84,44
4 Substituted off (3) Norway GRUNDIGligaen 68,67
5 (5) Romania Liga Națională 67,56
6 Substituted in (7) Germany Bundesliga 57,11


The complete list of the Norwegian handball champions since 1968.

Season Champion
1967–68 Sørskogbygda
1968–69 Skjeberg
1969–70 Brandval
1970–71 Freidig
1971–72 Vestar
1972–73 Vestar
1973–74 Vestar
1974–75 Vestar
1975–76 Vestar
1976–77 Vestar
1977–78 Vestar
1978–79 Vestar
1979–80 Skogn
1980–81 Skogn
1981–82 Skjeberg
1982–83 Skjeberg
1983–84 Bækkelaget
1984–85 Freidig
1985–86 Sverresborg
1986–87 Byåsen
1987–88 Byåsen
1988–89 Vestar
1989–90 Byåsen
1990–91 Gjerpen
1991–92 Bækkelaget
Year Champion
1992–93 Gjerpen
1993–94 Larvik
1994–95 Bækkelaget
1995–96 Byåsen
1996–97 Larvik
1997–98 Byåsen
1998–99 Bækkelaget
1999-00 Larvik
2000–01 Larvik
2001–02 Larvik
2002–03 Larvik
2003–04 Nordstrand
2004–05 Larvik
2005–06 Larvik
2006–07 Larvik
2007–08 Larvik
2008–09 Larvik
2009–10 Larvik
2010–11 Larvik
2011–12 Larvik
2012–13 Larvik
2013–14 Larvik
2014–15 Larvik
2015–16 TBD
2016–17 TBD


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