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UsersMore than 500,000[1]
Launched2009; 14 years ago (2009)

Posteo is an email service provider based in Berlin, Germany, offering paid email accounts for individuals and businesses. The service gained prominence during the aftermath of the post-2013 global surveillance disclosures,[2][3] especially for its high standard security features and relative anonymity as it does not require any private information in the registration process.[2]

Posteo offers support for DNSSEC/DANE and PGP (through Mailvelope in the web interface, which is running open source Roundcube). Additionally, they offer two-factor-authentication via TOTP, Extended Validation certificates, HPKP for the HTTPS connection, and various themes to choose from, including dark mode.[4]

In 2022, Posteo had more than 500,000 active mail accounts.[1]

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