Posterior auricular vein

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Posterior auricular vein
Veins of the head and neck. (Posterior auricular visible behind ear.)
Lateral head anatomy detail.jpg
Lateral head anatomy detail
Drains from Scalp
Drains to External jugular vein
Artery Posterior auricular artery
Latin Vena auricularis posterior
TA A12.3.05.046
FMA 50851
Anatomical terminology

The posterior auricular vein begins upon the side of the head, in a plexus which communicates with the tributaries of the occipital vein and superficial temporal veins.

It descends behind the auricula, and joins the posterior division of the posterior facial vein to form the external jugular.

It receive the stylomastoid vein, and some tributaries from the cranial surface of the auricula.


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