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Postgres-XL logo.jpg
TypeDistributed relational database management system
LicensePostgreSQL License[1]

Postgres-XL is a distributed relational database management system (RDBMS) software based on PostgreSQL. It aims to provide feature parity with PostgreSQL while distributing the workload over a cluster. The name "Postgres-XL" stands for "eXtensible Lattice".[2]

Postgres-XL is based on Postgres-XC, an earlier distributed PostgreSQL system developed by NTT Data and EnterpriseDB.[3] In 2012, the cloud database startup StormDB[4] adopted Postgres-XC and developed some proprietary extensions and improvements to it.[5] In 2013, StormDB was acquired by TransLattice,[5][6] and the improved software was open-sourced under the name "Postgres-XL" in 2014.[7][8] Since 2015, Postgres-XL development has also been supported by 2ndQuadrant.[3]

Postgres-XL provides cluster-wide consistent transaction snapshots[9][10] via a central Global Transaction Manager (GTM) node. It requires a fast interconnect between nodes, so Postgres-XL is not suited to geographically distributed clusters. Larger queries can be split and parallelized between multiple nodes.[10] Individual database tables can be chosen to be fully replicated across the cluster (usually for smaller tables) or sharded between separate nodes (for write scalability).[11]

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