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For the artist, see Postino (artist). For the movie, see Il Postino.
Type of site
Applications Website
Available in English
Owner AnguriaLab LLC
Slogan(s) "send custom physical postcards anywhere in the world, from your iPhone or Facebook account!"
Registration Yes
Launched June 2009

Postino is an application built for iOS[1], Android[1] Facebook[2] social network, which allows users to create custom physical postcards and to send them worldwide. The user takes a new photo with the camera (or uploads one from the computer), writes a message and a signature, pick a destination address, and send the postcard. The photo and data are processed and a physical card is printed on hi-quality photo paper and sent from the USA to any destination. An electronic-delivery option is also available.

How it works[edit]

Users visually create their postcards' front-side by using a local editor (on the iPhone or the Facebook application) which allows them to select and existing photo, crop, zoom-in/out it and position it inside one of the optional frames. When the front-side is ready, the user can write a custom greetings message for the back-side, draw a custom signature with the finger on the touchscreen (only for the iPhone version), select or write the destination address, and send the postcard.

All information are passed to a server-side processing service which composes the postcards, prints it on hi-quality photo paper, and then passes it to a delivery partner which can send the postcard worldwide. Normal delivery times are 2–4 days for addresses in the USA or Canada, and 7–10 days for Europe or the rest of the world.

Sending a physical postcard requires the user to use a virtual stamp. Virtual stamps can be bought from PayPal.

A free electronic-delivery option is also available, which sends the postcards as e-mail to the recipient addresses.

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