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Birth name Junho Lee
Born Seoul
Genres Nu jazz, deep house, progressive house, synthpop, lounge, big beat
Occupation(s) Producer, singer-songwriter, sound engineer, DJ
Instruments Piano, keyboard
Years active 1999 - present
Labels Postino Records
Website Official Myspace

Postino (real name Junho Lee) is an electronic music producer based in London. He is the owner of independent record label Postino Records, and is noted as being one of the first South Korean producers to top the European DJ charts.[citation needed]


He started his professional career as a pop music producer in South Korea, composing film scores and producing singles for Korean singers. He has worked with Lee Ki Chan the longest, having produced five of his albums; a song from the ninth album, "합니다..." (to do...), was used to promote the film The Illusionist throughout South Korea.[1][verification needed] He arranged and produced for South Korean pop-girl group S.E.S. in 2002, and his songs 'Requiem' and 'Red Angel' were chosen by Japanese fans to be released on "S.E.S. Best".[citation needed] He was also producer and keyboard player for Acid Jazz/pop outfit Mogi.[2][unreliable source?][verification needed]

His debut album, A Letter From The Postino, was released in early 2007 via Lupin Records in South Korea.[3][verification needed] He moved on to work in London in 2007 where he started focusing on electronic music.

Bushey Hill Jazz House peaked at #2 on Juno Download's with the single "Bushey Hill".[4][unreliable source?] It remained at the top of the charts on Juno Download for five successive weeks,[citation needed] and ranked on Juno Recommends: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz and Deep House.[5]

He subsequently remixed a single for Korean entertainer Hwangbo, which peaked at #1 on JunoDownload's singles charts for four days.[6]

Pieorgi Records recently hosted Postino as a guest DJ at SQ Club in Poznań, Poland.[7][unreliable source?]

The name 'Postino' was inspired by his lifelong vision that electronic music can be as warm and full of meaning as a hand-written letter.[8][unreliable source?][verification needed]

Music video[edit]

Postino released a music video for the single "I Love It" off the Golden Owl EP.[9] The video was released June 18, 2013 and was directed, produced and edited by filmmaker Will Kindrick. The video features a charismatic young girl (Darla Jacobs) and sidekick (Jonas Anthony Rubio) dressed in deer/shark costumes having a wild romp throughout the streets of Los Angeles.[10]




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