Postmodern Techno-Industrial Megastate

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The Postmodern Techno-Industrial Megastate is a term occasionally used to denote either the Military-Industrial Complex or a superset thereof, particularly in the context of economic and political globalisation. Some variants, as well as spellings using different hyphenations, are occasionally seen.[1] The term has been used by journalists, historians, and political scientists as well as commentators, polemicists, and others of the political Right, Left, and Third Position.

The term has been attributed by some to Noam Chomsky, or by others to various Left-wing or palaeoconservative authors.[2] The earliest use of the term in popular mass media appears to be in a December 1992 article in Chronicles: A Magazine Of American Culture concerning the re-emergence of the Old Right in the politics of the Republican Party and the United States at large.[1] Articles in other media outlets and publications about American culture, the candidatures of Patrick Buchanan for President of the United States, isolationism (viz. America First foreign policy and equivalents elsewhere), the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the broader free trade/protectionism debate also use the terminology or variants thereof.[1][3]


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