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Not to be confused with the American thrash metal band Post Mortem.
Postmortem Party.San 2016 07.jpg
Postmortem at Party.San Open Air 2015
Background information
Origin Berlin, Germany
Genres Death metal
Years active 1989–present
Labels Husky Records
Morbid Records
Pavement Music
War Anthem Records
Members Marcus Marth (1989-)
Matthias Rütz (1990-)
Tilo Voigtländer (1991-)
Max Scheffler (2006-)
Past members Ekkehard Wolff
Marko Schröder
Andreas Grant
Dirk Olesch
Marko Thäle
Sven Gohdes
Matthias Rütz at Party.San Open Air 2015
Max Scheffler at Party.San Open Air 2015

Postmortem is a German death metal band from Berlin.

Band history[edit]

Postmortem was founded in 1991. After numerous live appearances (including complete tours with Crematory and Atrocity) and two demos, the band signed its first record deal, with Husky Records, and recorded Screams Of Blackness, which sold out[citation needed] and was re-released in 1998. After that, they played live again with Crematory and at a few large festivals (Death Comes in Lithuania with Hypocrisy, Bands Battle with Rammstein, and many more). After the Totmacher EP, the band changed labels after some disagreements and moved to Morbid Records. The four releases were presented after a few tours, including a European tour with Morbid Angel, a Germany tour with Sodom) and almost every large festival (Wacken Open Air, With Full Force, Party San, Dynamo Open Air, Force Attack, Death Comes and many more. After the release of Storm Force the band separated from Morbid Records. In 1998 the band signed a license deal for the American market with Pavement Music. Join The Figh7club was released via Station 54/SimRec and was promoted live in 2004 on a European tour with Pro Pain and Carnal Forge. But despite a good response from the press[citation needed] and fans,[citation needed] the drummer and the second guitarist left the band in 2004. 2006 the band found with Max Scheffler a new drummer and in 2007 Postmortem toured with that new line-up the Giant-Tour with Ektomorf and Onslaught. Im November 2008 Postmortem released with „Constant Hate“ their 4th studioalbum via „War-Anthem Records“ after 10 years without an official longplayer. „War-Anthem Records“ plans to release Postmortem's upcoming album "Seeds of Devastation" for November 2010.


  • Secret Lunacy (Demo, 1991)
  • Last Aid To Die (Demo, 1992)
  • Screams Of Blackness (Album, Husky, 1994)
  • Der Totmacher (Single/EP, Morbid, 1996)
  • The Age Of Massmurder (Album, Morbid, 1997)
  • Repulsion (Album, Morbid/Pavement, 1998)
  • Storm Force (Single/EP, Morbid, 2000)
  • Join The Figh7club (Single/EP, Station 54/SimRec, 2003)
  • Constant Hate (Album, War Anthem Records, 2008)
  • Seeds of Devastation (Album, War Anthem Records, 2010)
  • XX (Album, War Anthem Records, 2011)


Current members[edit]

  • Marcus Marth - Guitars (1991-2005, 2006-present)
  • Matthias "Doc Putz" Rütz - Vocals (1991-2005, 2006-present), Bass (1991)
  • Tilo "Mr. T" Voigtländer - Bass (1991-2005, 2006-present)
  • Max Scheffler - Drums (2006-present)

Former Members[edit]

  • Marko Thäle - Drums (1991-2000)
  • Sven Gohdes - Guitars (1991-1993)
  • Dirk Olesch - Guitars (1993-1995)
  • Andreas "Andy" Grant - Drums (2000-2003)
  • Schrod - Drums (2003-2005)
  • Ekkehard "Ekki" Wolff - Guitars (2003-2005)


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