Potanipo Hill

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Potanipo Hill
Highest point
Elevation613 ft (187 m)
Coordinates42°43′38″N 71°40′21″W / 42.72722°N 71.67250°W / 42.72722; -71.67250Coordinates: 42°43′38″N 71°40′21″W / 42.72722°N 71.67250°W / 42.72722; -71.67250
LocationBrookline, New Hampshire

Potanipo Hill is a 613-foot-high (187 m) peak located in the town of Brookline in southern New Hampshire, United States.

The hill became home to one of the first lift-served ski areas in New England when Brookline Ski Area opened on its eastern face. The area later grew to become a larger regional operation known as Big Bear and later Musket Mountain. The ski area closed in 1984.[1]

Paul Andres purchased a large tract of land on the mountain, including most of the former ski area, and began developing a large art facility. Now open to the public, Andres Institute of Art features dozens of works designed by artists from around the world.

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