Potez 58

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Potez 58
Potez 58 Spanish Republican AF.jpg
Potez 58 of the Spanish Republican Air Force.
Role Utility and touring aircraft
Manufacturer Potez
First flight 7 March 1934
Primary user France
Produced 19341938
Number built ~202

The Potez 58 was a family of French light utility and touring aircraft, developed in mid-1930s. They were three-seat single-engine high-wing monoplanes.

Design and development[edit]

The plane was a further development of Potez 43 family, tracing its roots from Potez 36. An airframe changed little from Potez 43, main difference were stronger engines. A prototype Potez 58 first flew on 7 March 1934. In September 1934 the first serial variant Potez 580 was flown, powered with 120 hp radial engine Potez 6B. There were built 80 of this variant. An air ambulance variant was also evaluated.

There were next built several small-series variants, differing with the last digit in designation. The second variant built in a significant series was Potez 585 – 108 built.

Operational history[edit]

French Air Force operated 99 Potez 585 as liaison aircraft.


Potez 58
Potez 580
First series variant of 1934, 120 hp Potez 6B engine, 80 built.
Potez 582
Potez 584
Variant with 120 hp de Havilland Gipsy Major I straight engine, 4 built in 1935.
Potez 585
Liaison and utility aircraft, 130 hp Potez 6Ba engine, 108 built.
Potez 586
Four-seater variant, 10 built in 1936–1937.



Specifications (Potez 585)[edit]

Mixed construction strutted high-wing monoplane. Rectangular two-spar wing, with rounded ends, supported with V-shaped spars. Wings were equipped with slats on 1/3 span. Closed cabin with three seats. Radial engine in front, with a Townend ring, two-blade propeller. Conventional fixed landing gear, with a rear skid, wheels in teardrop covers.

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