Potha Sharif

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Potha Sharif
Union council
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Rawalpindi
Tehsil Murree
 • Chairman Rashid Abbasi
 • Total 15,890

Malqa e Kohsaar se nekla howa darya houn main

Rahguzaroon sy na ulajta to samandar hota.

Potha Sharif (پوٹھہ شریف) is a village and union council of Murree Tehsil in the Rawalpindi District of Punjab, Pakistan.[1] It is located in the north-east of the tehsil at 33°57'0N 73°30'0E,[2] and is bounded to the north by Phagwari, to the south by Sehr Bagla, to the west by Rawat and to the east by Kashmir. The Potha hill has great and attractive view. The upper part of UC known as DANNA has exclusive land price and many outcasts from cities buy plots and built homes to enjoy the summer season. The village contains the mazar of the Sufi saint Hazarat Dada Malik Suraj Abbasi forefather of Potha Shareef peoples. He had seven sons and their descendants are currently present in Potha Shareef. People visit the mazar from different areas of the country to offer tribute.

The hub of the UC Potha Sharif is Aliot (علیوٹ) located on the Lower Topa - Kohala (AJK) GT Road. It has a big main market with nearly 500 shops having numerous facilities.


The main market of Aliot has a lot of attraction and services. Available Facilities are:-

  • Private Free Dispensary founded and aided by Raja Shahid Abbasi. Private Hospitals/ Clinics, Optical, Dentist, Physicians, X-Ray clinic, Spiritual Healer, Medcial Stores
  • Photo studio, Photocopier, Scanner, Stationary
  • Mobile Shops and repairing, Computer repairing, Electrician
  • Gold & Jewellery
  • Shoes, Garments, Cloth, Tailoring, Cosmetics, Crockery, Barber, Pallar
  • Vegetables, Fruits, Bakeries, Grocery, Poultry, Boucher
  • Restaurants, Marriage Hall, Catering
  • Auto Technician, Petrol, Diesel, Carpenter, Cylinder Gas Refilling, Steel fixer, Electronics, Furniture, Sanitary, Blacksmith and many more.

(Added by: Rizwan Shabbir Abbasi).


The UC includes small towns such as Danna, Gali, Donga Khaiter, Nakra, Dehrota, Upper Aliot, Main Aliot, Pura, Daara, Palachati, Ratian Laran, Dhara, Gugga, Hajera, Lopari, Kandyala, Sal Khaiter, Muslim Abad, Lalo ni Tangi, Pandi, Bara Morh, Jabra, Kiati, Malala, Dhaka, Bandicheer, Sui, Mohra, Chorian, Jandala, Sehana, Dara, Topyali, and Main potha (Added by: Rizwan Shabbir Abbasi).

Caste & Language[edit]

95% of the population belogs to Abbasid family. The Abbasid dynasty descended from Muhammad's uncle, Al-Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib. Speaking language is Hindko as ordinarily used and Urdu is spoken as secondary language. While in schools, English & Urdu is being teach.

Education & Institutions[edit]

Village have many Govt and private sector schools but standard is low, specially in govt sector. Unfortunately Chairman or Local Government Body never did remarkable for the education sector that is the first and basic requirement of area. Many effordable people migrated to Rawalpindi and Islamabad city for quality education of their kids and migrating every year.

One of the private sector [Iqra School] was founded by "Muhammad Shabaz Abbasi", "Noorulislam Abbasi" and "Sufyan Abbasi" in "Churian" (چوریاں) Town. Later the name was changed as Read Foundation School because of sponsored by a foreign non-profit educational network (NGO) known as Read Foundation. This is the only school in UC providing quality education but still need numerous progress. It is governed under the supervison of Jamaat-e-Islami representatives with the contribution of Read Foundation (Note: Read Foundation is a foreign NGO that runs a network of 344 schools in eight districts of Pakistan). Renowned Institutions in the village include:-

  • Reed Foundation School (Potha)
  • Reed Foundation College (Aliot)
  • Govt Boys High School (Potha)
  • Govt Girls Hight School (Upper Aliot)
  • Govt Vocational Training Centre for Women (Aliot)
  • Malik Suraj Higher Secondary School (Potha)
  • Mahawiya School of Islamic studies (Aliot)
  • Convoy of Mercy School (Aliot)

(Added by: Rizwan Shabbir Abbasi).

Religion & Spiritual Schools[edit]

Area contains hundred percent sunni muslims. Prominent Mosques includes Jamia Masjid Faridia (upper Aliot), Jamia Masjid Ayesha Sadeeq (main Aliot).

Qari Irfan Abbasi is one of the leading master in Aliot spreading religious education more than 50 years (since 1965). Famous seminaries in the area containing:-

  • Masjid Usman Ghani (Jabra Aliot)
  • Jamia Faridia (Upper Aliot)
  • Jamia Masjid Ayesha Sadeeq (Aliot)
  • Abdullah Ibn-e-abbas (Dara دڑہ)

(Added by: Rizwan Shabbir Abbasi)


According to the 2017 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 15,890.[3]


Coordinates: 33°57′0″N 73°30′0″E / 33.95000°N 73.50000°E / 33.95000; 73.50000