Slovenian potica

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Slovenian potica
Potica (9501040588).jpg
Slovenska potica is variation of rolled pastry
Alternative namesPotica
Place of originSlovenia
Region or stateall regions of Slovenia, Province of Trieste
Created bytraditional folk food
Main ingredientsSweet yeast dough, ground walnut, butter
Variationstarragon, quark, hazelnut, pumpkin seed, poppy seed, cracklings, bacon

Slovenian potica (/pˈttsə/)[1] is a nut roll and a traditional festive pastry from Slovenia.


Slovenian potica consists of a rolled pastry made of leavened paper-thin dough filled with any of a great variety of fillings, but most often with walnut filling. The most characteristic Slovenian poticas are made with ground walnut, tarragon, quark, hazelnut, pumpkin seed or poppy seed, salted ones even with cracklings or bacon, and other fillings. Slovenian potica is a festive pastry and could be baked in two ways: in the oven or directly on the hearth, but original Slovenska potica is a ring-shaped pastry, baked always in the special shaped potica baking mould (ceramic, glass or tin one), called potičnik, which has a conical protrusion in the middle.

Potica as part of traditional Slovenian Easter breakfast
American potica at Kaiser's Six Point Bakery

Potica is served also every Easter and Christmas in Slovenia and is still very popular even in some parts of the United States [2][2][3]


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