Potitus Valerius Messalla

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Potitus Valerius Messalla (ca. 70 BC – after 17 BC) was an Ancient Roman statesman, probably a son of Marcus Valerius Messalla Rufus. He presumably had two sons: Manius Valerius Messalla Potitus and Lucius Valerius Messalla Volesus. In 17 BC, Messala participated in the Secular games.

Rank Date
Quindecimvir Before 43 BC – after 18 BC
Monetalis ca. 42 BC
Military tribune or quaestor
Praetor ca. 32 BC
Suffect consul 29 BC
Proconsul of Asia ca. 25 – 23 BC
Legatus pro praetore of Syria ca. 19 – 18 BC


Further reading[edit]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Augustus V and
Sextus Appuleius
Suffect Consul of the Roman Empire
29 BC
with Augustus V
Succeeded by
Augustus VI and
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa