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Potlatch 2 Logo.png
Potlatch 2 with OpenStreetMap data
Potlatch 2 with OpenStreetMap data
Developer(s)Richard Fairhurst
Stable release
2.4[1] / July 4, 2015 (2015-07-04)
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inActionScript
PlatformAdobe Flash
Available in94[2] languages
TypeGIS software

Potlatch is a free software editing tool for OpenStreetMap geodata using Adobe Flash. It is one of two editors embedded directly within the OpenStreetMap website.

Potlatch 2 requires a web browser with at least version 8 of the Flash plugin installed. It continues to be actively maintained.


Potlatch 1[4] was released mid 2006[5] and was the default editor on the main OpenStreetMap site until it was replaced by Potlatch 2 in April 2011.[6] The name Potlatch came from the name of newsletter of the Lettrist International art collective.[7]

An alpha version of Potlatch 2, a complete reimplementation of the software, was published in summer 2010. In December 2010, Potlatch 2 was released for general use. After Microsoft had granted OpenStreetMap permission to use aerial imagery from their Bing Maps service for tracing, Potlatch 2 was extended to display these images in the background.

iD (current default editor on main OpenStreetMap website) is in turn a reimplementation of Potlatch 2 architecture in JavaScript.[7][8]


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