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Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul 보통강구역
 • Hanja 普通
 • Revised Romanization Botonggang-guyeok
 • McCune–Reischauer Pot'onggang-guyŏk
Country North Korea
Administrative divisions 15 administrative dong

Potonggang-guyok is one of the 19 districts, or guyok, of Pyongyang, North Korea. It is most famous as the location of the Ryugyong Hotel. It is named after the Pothong River (literally "the simple river"), which serves as the district's border on all sides. It is bordered to the north by Hyongjesan-guyok, to the east by Sosong and Moranbong-guyoks, to the south by Pyongchon and Chung-guyoks, and to the west by Mangyongdae-guyok. The district was established by the Pyongyang City People's Committee in October 1960.


The Pot'ong District is primarily a working district of the city as the few places of interest to tourists on located on the periphery of the district. The only attractions open to visitors are the Potong River Pleasure Ground, the Victorious Liberation of the Fatherland Statue and the Potong River Improvement Project Monument. It is also the location of the Pyongyang Embroidery School and Factory, and the Pyongyang Senior Middle School. The district's Ragwon-dong is the location of the central offices and headquarters of the DPRK's National Defense Commission.

The Pyongyang Metro runs through this district, with stops at Konsol, Hwanggumbol, and Konguk stations.[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Potonggang-guyok is divided into fifteen administrative districts known as tong (neighborhoods):[2]

Chosŏn'gŭl Hancha
Kyŏnghŭng-dong 경흥동
Ponghwa-dong 봉화동 烽火
Pot'onggang 1-dong 보통강1동 1
Pot'onggang 2-dong 보통강2동 普通江2洞
Pulgŭnkori 1-dong 붉은거리1동 붉은거리1
Pulgŭnkori 2-dong 붉은거리2동 붉은거리2洞
Pulgŭnkori 3-dong 붉은거리3동 붉은거리3洞
Rakwŏn-dong 락원동 樂園
Ryugyŏng 1-dong 류경1동 1
Ryugyŏng 2-dong 류경2동 柳京2洞
Segŏri-dong 세거리동 거리
Sŏjang-dong 서장동 西
Sŏk'am-dong 석암동
Sinwŏn-dong 신원동
Taebo-dong 대보동


Coordinates: 39°01′48″N 125°43′12″E / 39.03000°N 125.72000°E / 39.03000; 125.72000