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The current Potosi Mining District in Humboldt County, Nevada is a major world-class producer of gold and includes the Pinson, Twin Creeks, Turquoise Creek and Getchell mines.[1] There was a Potosi mine in Lincoln County, Nevada.[2]
Potosi Spring 3.jpg
Ruins near Potosi Spring
Location S of Las Vegas off I-15 near Potosi Pass
Nearest city Las Vegas, Nevada
Area 9,600 acres (3,900 ha)
MPS Site
NRHP reference # 74001144
Added to NRHP November 13, 1974

The Potosi mining district, or Potosi, was an area in Clark County of southern Nevada, U.S. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and includes three structures.[3] The town was named after the famous silver-mining city of Potosi, Bolivia.[4]


The mines in the area produced gold, silver, zinc, platinum, copper, palladium, cobalt, nickel, and antimony.[5][6] A small amount of carnotite (a vanadium-uranium mineral) was also discovered, but not mined.[7]


The site of Potosi or Potosi Camp is at an elevation of 5,705 feet (1,739 m) above sea level.[8]

Included mines[edit]

Potosi mining district was a part of the Goodsprings Mining District and included the following mines:[5][6]

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