Potrerillos, Chile

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Ferronor GR12U climbing the grade to Potrerillos (in the background)

Potrerillos is a ghost town in the interior of Atacama Region, Chile. Potrerillos became established as mining camp in the 1920s by Andes Copper Mining Company.[1]

Potrerillos Mine[edit]

One of Chile's Gran Mineria, the copper porphyry mine was identified and developed by William Burford Braden.[2] The mine was active from 1927 until 1959.[3]


Located 12 km east of the Sierra del Castillo fault, the area consists of Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous marine and volcanic host rocks. During the Late Eocene, the Porfido Cobre intrusion induced Cu-Mo mineralization. The supergene oxidation zone "is dominated by malachite and azurite in and around the Porfido Cobre stock."[3]

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Coordinates: 26°26′03″S 69°29′00″W / 26.4342°S 69.4833°W / -26.4342; -69.4833