Trennert Type Foundry

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Schriftgiesserei J.D. Trennert & Sohn
Industry Type foundry
Headquarters Altona, Germany

J. D. Trennert and Son was a German type foundry established in Altona.[1]


The following foundry types were issued by the Trennert foundry:[2]

  • Fortuna (1930, Friedrich Bauer)
  • Friedrich-Bauer-Grotesk (before 1936, Friedrich Bauer), in addition to a basic face, there were three other versions, halbfette, fette, and an in-line version, lichte. Also cast by Genzsch & Heyse, A.G..
  • Potsdam Schnitt (before 1936), four versions, magerer, halbfetter, fetter, and schmal-halbfetter.
  • Rheingold (1936, Erich Mollowitz), in two weights, magerer and fetter. Later copied by Weber as Forelle and by Stephenson Blake as Mercury.
  • Trennert (1926-27, Friedrich Bauer), in addition to a basic face, there is an italic (with swash capitals), a semi-bold, a bold, and a bold condensed.


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