Potshot (band)

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Background information
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Ska punk, Punk rock
Years active 1995–2005
Labels TV Freak
Asian Man Records
Website www.ukproject.com/potshot

Potshot was a J-ska music group from Japan. They released their records on their own label, TV Freak, in Japan. Their first five albums were also re-released by Asian Man Records, an American label well known for signing Asian punk-pop bands. Their final album, Potshot Beat Goes On, released in May 2005. They disbanded in 2005, playing a final show in Tokyo.[1]


Group Members[edit]

  • Ryoji Ariga - Vocals
  • Yoshito Hirai - Bass
  • Yoshinobu Takegoshi - T-Bone

Pots and Shots[edit]

In reviewing their debut 1997 Pots And Shots , Allmusic wrote that Potshot:

...put the spurs to the largely kind-of-boring mid-'90s resurgence of ska music by revving up the tempos by at least 30 percent (seriously, anyone who tries dancing to a song like the breakneck "Since Yesterday" is at risk of a coronary) and dialing back all the cod-reggae Jamaican-isms that make so many of the frat-boy third wave ska bands so laughable. The drumbeat and a familiar-sounding horn section are Pots and Shots' only links to ska music, but they're enough to shred 90 percent of the post-No Doubt pretenders.[2][3]

Pots And Shots includes a cover version of Tears of a Clown and Since Yesterday.


Audio clips[edit]


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