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For the Rolling Stones instrumental, see Potted Shrimp.
Shirred eggs
Potted shrimp on toast with pickled cucumber.jpg
Potted shrimps on toast with pickles
Place of origin Lancashire
Main ingredients brown shrimp, nutmeg
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Potted shrimps are a traditional Lancashire dish made with brown shrimp flavored with nutmeg. The dish consists of brown shrimp in nutmeg-flavoured butter, which has set in a small pot, the butter acting as a preservative.[1] Cayenne pepper may also be included.[2] It is traditionally eaten with bread.

Potted shrimp was a favourite dish of Ian Fleming who passed on his predilection for the delicacy to his famous fictional creation James Bond.[3] Fleming reputedly used to eat the dish at Scotts Restaurant on Mount Street in London.[4]

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