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Potter Puppet Pals
Potter Puppet Pals Logo.png
The sign showing the Potter Puppet Pals logo that appears at the start of most episodes.
Also known as PPP
Genre Comedy, puppetry, variety, parody
Created by Neil Cicierega, Emmy Cicierega, Alora Lanzillotta
Voices of Neil Cicierega
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
Original network Newgrounds (2003)
YouTube (2006–present)
Original release Animated series:
September 27 – December 15, 2003
Puppet series:
September 26, 2006 – present
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Potter Puppet Pals is a puppet show web series parodying the Harry Potter novel series by JK Rowling, created by Neil Cicierega.[1]

The first two episodes were animated, both released in 2003 on Newgrounds. On September 26, 2006, the series was re-launched on YouTube under Cicierega's page[2] as "Potions Class". Six more episodes were released by Cicierega between 2006 and 2009.[3] Approximately one year after the seventh episode was released, a new video appeared on Neil's channel announcing an exclusive Potter Puppet Pals channel.[4] On the same day, three more videos were released on this page. The Potter Puppet Pals make appearances at some Harry Potter parties, such as Yule Balls 2007 and 2010.[5][6]

Both the original animated episodes, as well as the first seven live-action episodes, have been published to the official Potter Puppet Pals webpage.[7]


Much of the humor derived from the series originates from Cicierega's unique interpretation of the principal Harry Potter characters. Some characters are given personalities designed to contrast completely with their attitudes in the Harry Potter books. Cicierega's Harry is portrayed as an extremely brash, arrogant, and vain teenager who is "rife with boyish attitude," while Dumbledore is a nudist. Other times, an aspect of the original stories is blown out of proportion for comedic effect, such as Hermione Granger's love of reading and matter-of-fact approach to problems. In the episode Snape's Diary, Hermione remarks, "I know a thing or two about books, and that's a book!"

List of Characters[edit]

Character Name First appearance Latest appearance
Harry Potter "Bothering Snape" "Harryween"
Ron Weasley "Bothering Snape" "Harryween"
Hermione Granger "Trouble at Hogwarts" "Harryween"
Professor Dumbledore "Bothering Snape" "Harryween"
Professor Snape "Bothering Snape" "Harryween"
Lord Voldemort "Trouble at Hogwarts" "Harryween"
Neville Longbottom "Wizard Swears" "Neville's Birthday"
Rubeus Hagrid "Ron's Disease" "Neville's Birthday"
Draco Malfoy "Draco Puppet" "Draco Puppet"
Ginny Weasley "Ginny" "Ginny"
Cedric Diggory "Neville's Birthday" "Neville's Birthday"

Unseen Characters[edit]

Character Name First mentioned Last mentioned
Professor McGonagall "Snape's Diary" "Snape's Diary"
Argus Filch "Wizard Angst" "Snape's Diary"
Lucius Malfoy "Snape's Diary" "Snape's Diary"
Dudley Dursley "Harryween" "Harryween"
Dobby "Wizard Angst" "Wizard Swears"


Flash animations[edit]

No. Title Original airdate Story YouTube views, as of 21 April 2012 (millions)
1 "Bothering Snape"[8] September 27, 2003 Harry and Ron amuse themselves by bothering Snape, who retaliates by murdering them with Avada Kedavra. Dumbledore arrives and finds Harry and Ron "taking an afternoon nap." Snape sneaks away while Dumbledore is busy picking the boys' pockets. Upon realizing that he is alone, Dumbledore strips and concludes the video by indulging in "naked time." 0.8
2 "Trouble at Hogwarts"[9] December 15, 2003 Harry, Ron and Hermione all proclaim their love for something: Hermione loves to learn, Harry loves magic, and Ron loves Harry. Suddenly, Dumbledore comes with a warning that Voldemort is attacking Hogwarts. Snape attempts to kill Voldemort with an Avada Kedavra curse. but the spell fails and his wand produces a cloud of smoke. Voldemort then kills Snape with the same curse. Meanwhile, Ron then forms a plan to defeat Voldemort: after playing hide-and-seek with him, the Gryffindors produce submachine guns and shoot him. Snape reappears and Harry, Ron, and Hermione hug him. Snape is confused, and Dumbledore appears (naked), proclaims the group hug to be "a cornucopia of love!" and then joins Harry, Ron and Hermione in hugging Snape. 0.5
2.5 "Follow the Butterflies"[10] December 15, 2003 An episode hidden in "Trouble at Hogwarts." Ron is seen playing with butterflies, singing, "Follow the butterflies, follow the butterflies, whee! Lalalalala." Hermione casts a spell to make his head pop out off his shoulders and onto the ground. This episode may be found when Voldemort murders Snape in "Trouble at Hogwarts." If you go on potterpuppetpals.com, pause the video when Snape is killed, and watch it in freeze frame mode, a star will appear on Snape's face at some point. When the star is clicked on, this short episode will appear. This is most likely a reference to Ron's line in Chamber of Secrets: "Follow the spiders! Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?"

Live-action puppetry[edit]

No. Title Original airdate Story Running Time YouTube views, as of 1 January 2016 (millions)
3 "Potions Class" September 26, 2006 The three young Gryffindors attend Potions class. Snape commences a long-winded lecture about his potion-making abilities. Harry is uninterested and scoffs openly until Snape mentions that he could teach him how to "score with hot babes" before abruptly dismissing the class. At this point Harry implores Snape to teach him, but Snape tells him to vamoose. Dumbledore then appears, looking to borrow some expired gorilla milk ( 'It does wonders to me bowels!' ). 2:13 14.2
4 "Wizard Angst" November 2, 2006 Harry is experiencing "angst" and insults Ron. He then decides to quit Hogwarts and magic, explaining that he has nightmares about Dobby and hates goblins. He orders Ron to fight Voldemort, but Ron is too scared and consults with Hermione. Harry gets into a fight with Ron after Ron tries to comfort him with a hug. Snape shows up and attempts to punish both with detention, but Harry and Ron cause him to leave by magically forcing him to poo his pants, causing Harry to begin to appreciate magic. Dumbledore shows up and all laugh, until Dumbledore inexplicably flies away, 3:23 24
5 "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" [11] March 23, 2007 Snape hears a mysterious, rhythmic ticking noise and begins to sing, "Snape, Snape, Severus Snape" over and over again. He is then joined in song by Dumbledore, Ron, Harry and Hermione. Ron eventually finds the source of the ticking noise: a pipe bomb. It explodes, blowing everyone up. Voldemort then appears and sings his own jaunty tune. 2:07 165
6 "Wizard Swears" December 1, 2007 Dumbledore issues a list of phrases that are banned from Hogwarts. "I didn't know wizards had swears," Harry says. "Of course they do, Harry," Hermione replies. "They're called wizard swears!" She encourages Harry to read some of the obscenities which include "Voldemort's nipple," "dragon bogeys," and "Expecto Patronads." Snape overhears and attempts to take 500,000 points from Gryffindor, but they run away. They then meet Neville Longbottom and force him to swear, too, before making a prank phone call to Voldemort. At that point Snape reappears with Dumbledore and implores him to expel the Gryffindors. Instead, Dumbledore teaches them a forty-five-second-long string of profanities known as "the Elder Swear", after mocking Snape. Despite Dumbledore's warning never to repeat the Elder Swear, they go and use it on Neville. 5:37 37
7 "School Is for Losers" April 7, 2008 A short video where Harry sings, "I'm Harry Potter, school is for losers, I'm totally awesome..." until Snape shows up and accuses Harry of missing Potions for three weeks. To Harry, it sounds gibberish (except for the word "Harry Potter" that Snape says during his rambling). Harry punches Snape and plays a saxophone and the words "Harry Potter is awesome" appear. 0:33 14.17
8 "Awakening of the Incorruptible"/ "Albus Dumbledore Lists Your Good Qualities" May 16, 2008 A very short video in which Dumbledore appears, then disappears. This episode has had its name changed several times. Initially it was called "Awakening of the Incorruptible"; its later names were "HOLY CRAP, THIS VIDEO HAS OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS, WTF", "HOLY CRAP, THIS VIDEO HAS OVER 3 MILLION VIEWS, WTF", "The Squeakuel" (in reference to Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel), "Potter Puppet Pals: 2012" (in reference to the film 2012), "Brodyquest II" (named after one of Cicierega's videos) and "Albus Dumbledore Lists Your Good Qualities." 0:12 6.7
9 "The Vortex" May 17, 2008 Snape is telling Dumbledore about his recent dream of being a milkmaid when Harry kicks him down and screams that there is a magical emergency. They go to Hermione and a vortex from which Ron speaks; he is trapped in an alternate dimension and is going into puberty. Dumbledore orders Harry to fetch his "Problem Stick". He gets Ron out of the Vortex, but Ron has already gone through puberty and has become a "cool" teenager called Ronaldo. Hermione falls in love with him, and Dumbledore claims that Ron is much cooler than Harry, making Harry jealous. Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore begin dancing until Harry finishes it and casts a spell which causes Ron to rewind in puberty, turning him into a normal Ron. They all start dancing and Harry sings about how cool he is. 3:15 15.37
10 "Ron's Disease" April 13, 2009 Ron contracts "wizard lice," and Dumbledore advises him to go to Hagrid. Harry and Ron go to his house, where they find a sleeping Hagrid who then wakes up. After Harry and Ron explain the situation, Hagrid starts singing the cure, saying that they need mayonnaise. Ron can't afford it, so Hagrid cures him by hitting on his head, crushing the lice. Harry then decides to make Hagrid his servant, and orders Hagrid to start hitting Hermione, Snape, and Dumbledore. Dumbledore is not affected and reveals that he is an android who is gay. 5:10 11.46
11 "Snape's Diary" July 15, 2009 Harry steals Snape's personal diary and reads it to Ron and Hermione. Snape's diary is full of depressing entries like his depressing dreams, Harry's, Ron's, and Filch's bullying, and a lost button. Also, the episode is accompanied with visions of Snape writing the entries in candlelight. Harry writes an entry where he claims that Harry Potter's so awesome; Ron writes three letters. Soon, Snape finds them, and Harry immediately says that Ron stole the diary. Ron says that he liked the depressing button story and hopes that Snape finds his button. Snape then thinks: "so do I, orange one", and then he cries. In the credits, a vision is seen with Snape holding the diary in candlelight. 5:34 14.45
12 "INSANELY important Potter Puppet Pals news!" July 28, 2010 Harry finds out from Hermione that he is a puppet, and "a guy in his twenties who plays with puppets" controls him. He then goes on about puppet rebellions, and states that he will be the new god. Hermione pops out and tells Harry to tell the audience about the new YouTube Channel. 1:53 2.4
13 "Harry Potter personally welcomes you. Yes, you." July 28, 2010 This video first starts off with Harry talking about how he is the strongest wizard who live Then he says to check out his new YouTube channel potterpuppetpals. 0:36 3.59
14 "Ron's Parents" July 28, 2010 Ron is writing a letter to his parents when Harry comes in. Harry becomes angry because his parents are dead, and tries to make himself feel better by flaunting his wealth. Ron asks if Harry wants to go to his house for Christmas. Harry says "Yes" quickly. 1:13 5
15 "Mustache Buddies" July 28, 2010 Voldemort confers with Snape about his plans to grow a mustache. Because he doesn't want to stand out, he insists that Snape grow one, too. We later see Snape in Potions class, sporting a black mustache in accordance with his promise to Voldemort. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are so horrified that they pelt Snape with books, pencils, and bits of rubbish, and Hermione vomits. 1:13 7
16 "Harry's Nightmares" September 9, 2010 Harry tells everyone about his worst nightmares, including Snape trying to attack him with a hammer, Voldemort out-dancing him, giving birth to Ron, Hermione becoming addicted to amphetamines, being middle-aged, and learning he is actually a mental patient whose mind had constructed this fantasy world of magic all in order to escape the guilt of having to watch "his wife" die. After that, he tells the viewer(s) to tell about your worst nightmare in a comment or video response, and to subscribe. It ends with Hermione and Ron looking confused. 2:43 7.6
17 "Draco Puppet" September 13, 2010 Harry responds to repeated requests for a Draco Malfoy puppet. Rather than create a full-size puppet like the others, Harry fashions a Draco puppet out of paper and a photograph of actor Tom Felton (who plays Malfoy in the Harry Potter films). He then sings a song about what Draco likes and eventually destroys him on a stove. 1:42 9.92
18 "Ginny" May 29, 2011 Harry wants to woo Ron's younger sister Ginny, who, for the duration of the episode, does not speak and only makes subtle movements. After he fails to woo her, he turns to Ron for advice by getting Ron to temporarily roleplay Ginny. Harry is successful at expressing his feelings for "Ginny". However, upon returning to Ginny (who has cut off most of her hair), Harry notices that she now looks exactly like Ron, and now Harry can't tell them apart. Confused and disappointed, Harry attempts to kill himself with Avada Kedavra. 2:44 6.77
19 "Neville's Birthday" November 16, 2011 Dumbledore forces Harry, Ron, and Hermione to attend Neville Longbottom's birthday party under threat of expulsion. Guests at the party include an increasingly drunk Snape, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and Cedric Diggory (portrayed as a marker drawing of Robert Pattinson, who played Cedric in the film series, on someone's foot). When the cake arrives, a naked Dumbledore pops out and sings a "Happy Hogwarts Birthday" song. Harry refuses to eat a cake that Dumbledore has been in and tells Neville that no one likes him, causing Neville to self-destruct. Harry and his friends feel guilty, and then Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape and Dumbledore eat Neville's corpse. Neville's ghost appears on screen and tells the audience that "It's what's on the inside that counts." 6:24 6.58
19.5 "(good morning, Snape)" November 16, 2011 A secret video hidden in "Neville's Birthday". Snape wakes up in something that looks like a forest, and next to him is Hagrid sleeping. He looks into the camera and says: "Oh no..." The link to the video appears in a black box that appears near Snape after Neville exploded in "Neville's Birthday". It can be found at 5:20. Pause immediately and hover your mouse over Snape! Yippeee Good Morning Snape. 0:10 0.020
20 "Apparate!" June 17, 2013 Harry tells Hermione he will never walk again...because he has learned to Apparate. He demonstrates by Apparating all around the room, then sings a song about how he can Apparate anywhere. Ron walks in during Harry's song, and Harry accidentally Apparates on top of him. The two then Apparate at the same time to try and separate from each other, but both end up Apparating underneath Snape. Dumbledore comes in asking about the "ruckus"; and Snape, Harry, and Ron fall on top of him. 3:06 2.3
21 "Magic Can Solve Any Problem" October 22, 2013 Harry uses magic to solve problems he has with Ron, Hermione, and Snape, by turning them all into himself. He then points his wand at the camera and turns the viewer into himself as well, though the viewer indicates (much to Harry's disgust) that they would rather be turned into Ron. 0:54 0.7
22 "Dapper Ron" October 22, 2013 Ron comes in dressed in a tuxedo and top hat and greets Hermione politely. Hermione hits him on the head and restores him to his normal self. As Ron explains that he was under a curse, Hermione headbutts him, knocking him out of sight. 0:13 0.6
23 "Martial Arts" October 22, 2013 Snape gives a Defense Against the Dark Arts class. However, Harry thinks the class is on "defensive martial arts" and karate-kicks Snape to the ground, then bounces on his head and Snapes head makes a strange squeaking noise. 0:18 1.07
24 "Harryween" October 29, 2015 Snape tells a Halloween story about Voldemort trying to capture a unicorn to drink its blood. However, he mistakenly abducts Ron instead, who dressed up as a unicorn for Halloween. 13:00 0.37

The Mysterious Ticking Noise[edit]

"The Mysterious Ticking Noise", released March 23, 2007, was the 22nd most-viewed video on YouTube as of January 1, 2013 with over 137.5 million views.[1][12] The video was nominated and won[13] in the Comedy category in the 2008 YouTube Awards with 61.6% of the votes in that category.[14] In the video, Severus Snape hears a strange ticking and, noticing it has a catchy rhythm, begins singing to it, followed by Dumbledore, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter. Towards the end, Ron discovers that the source of the ticking is a pipe bomb that explodes as they celebrate, letting Lord Voldemort sing his name by himself to the tune of "Lollipop" by The Mudlarks.[12] At the New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Alan Rickman was interviewed by MTV and quoted as saying “[Potter Puppet Pals] is very beautifully done, that little piece of work. Can you get rich from that? I hope they did.".[15] Daniel Radcliffe also mentioned in an interview by MTV that the cast of the Harry Potter (film series) should do a live action version of "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" for a charity. [2]


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