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Potting may refer to:

  • In pottery (ceramics), potting is the making of pots, generally on the potter's wheel
  • In electronics, potting is encapsulation of electronic components (Potting (electronics))
  • In farming and gardening, potting is planting a plant in a pot, such as a flowerpot
    • Sowing in greenhouses or polytunnels is often done in pots, pending later transplant
      • Potting soil is a type of soil tailored to this use
      • Potting on (or potting up) is the act of moving the plant, with its root ball, to a larger pot
    • In a container garden, the plants remain potted throughout their lives
  • In food preservation, potting is putting food (often meat) in pots with clarified butter (Food preservation § Jellying)
  • In cue sports, potting is sinking a ball into a pocket (Glossary of cue sports terms § pot)

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