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Pottstown Senior High School is a high school in Pottstown, PA, United States. It is part of the Pottstown School District . Pottstown High School is located on Washington Street in Pottstown. It is a building with two floors, home to grades 9 through 12.

The students go by the name of the Pottstown Trojans and the school mascot is a Trojan. The school colors are blue and white.

Music program[edit]

The Pottstown Senior High has a music program. A band marches in Walt Disney parades every other year located in Florida, while the chorus goes down to Florida in the other years. There is a bell choir, mixed ensemble choir, show choir, flute and clarinet ensembles for band, a jazz band, and a concert band.

Senior Project[edit]

To graduate from the school a senior must fulfill a Senior project, sometimes known as a Graduation project. This project must be completed and presented in front of a panel of three teachers in order for a person to graduate. The planning for the Senior project begins in the sophomore year of high school, 10th grade. If a person doesn't turn their requirements in on time, they become ineligible for all activities and sports within the school.

Some things that are included in the project are: Proposal, Service Contract, at least 45 hours of community/volunteer service on the project (not during school hours), Journals, and a Reflection Paper. [1]

Building and other facilities[edit]

In front of the entrance to the Pottstown Senior High School, to the side where the soccer and baseball fields are, is an area called the Square. Running the square is good exercise, and sometimes used during physical education. The Square goes down from the main entrance of the school, down North Franklin towards the middle school, and then turn north, still on the sidewalk, and then it runs along the side of the high school making it a square.

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