Potty Painter

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Potty Painter
Publisher(s)Rabbit Software
Platform(s)ZX Spectrum
Mode(s)Single player

Potty Painter is a computer game for the ZX Spectrum and released by Rabbit Software in 1983. The game had a Maze format to it with bonus games in between levels. The game's sequel, Potty Painter in the Jungle, was also released in 1983 for both the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.


The player control character is a monkey. The goal of the game is to join the dotted lines around a grid of squares each different in size with each valuing different points. In the meantime the player must avoid tribesmen who try to capture him. Starting the game, the player has 5 lives and 3 freezes which enable the player to freeze the computer controlled characters for around 10 seconds.

Completing a round enabled the player to play a bonus game which involved guiding a teddy bear to a banana to gain an extra 1000 points.

Level 2 involved playing as a roller brush which had a limited supply of paint. When the paint ran out the value of the squares decreased. Meanwhile, the player had to avoid teddy bears.

Level 3 was the same as level 1 but with an extra tribesman.

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