Pou Chen Corporation

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Pou Chen Corporation
Listed company
ISINTW0009904003 Edit this on Wikidata
IndustryFootwear and electronics
FounderMr. C. J. Tsai
Area served
Key people
Chairmen: C. C. Tsai, Chi Neng Tsai, Chi Hu Tsai
SubsidiariesYue Yuen Industrial
WebsitePou Chen Corporation
Headquarter of Pou Chen Corporation in Taichung City, Taiwan

Pou Chen Corporation (Chinese: 寶成工業股份有限公司) (Taiwan Stock Exchange Stock Code: 9904), or Pou Chen, is a leading footwear manufacturer in Taiwan, and the largest branded athletic and casual footwear manufacturer in the world.[1][2] It is headquartered in Taichung City, Taiwan.

The Group was founded in Fuxing, Changhwa in 1969 by Tsai's family. It focuses on the manufacturing of athletic and casual footwear on an OEM/ODM basis for major global brands such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, Clarks, Reebok, Puma, New Balance, Crocs, Merrell. Timberland, Converse and Salomon. It owned production lines in China, Indonesia, Mexico and Vietnam. Its subsidiary, Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings (SEHK551), is the world's largest athletic shoe manufacturer which focuses on footwear material manufacturing.[3][4]

Besides footwear business, Pou Chen used to engage in electronics business by investing Global Brands Manufacture Limited (GBM), which is engaged in manufacturing printed circuit boards and assembling.[5] However, the erupted global financial crisis in 2008 caused the group to readjust its business strategy and to dispose its 40% stake in GBM by auction in March 2010.[6]


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