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Poularde de Bresse

Poularde is culinary term for a chicken that is at least 120 days old at the time of slaughter and fattened with a rich diet that delays egg production.[1][2] In the past it was common to spay the chickens early in life to ensure desirable meat quality,[3] similar to the castration of a capon.

In France many varieties of poularde exist, including the Poularde de Bresse, the Poularde du Mans and the Poularde de Loué, which are generally protected by the AOC or Label Rouge certifications.[4] The high price of these chickens meant that they were traditionally reserved for holiday meals, such as Christmas feasts.

Examples of protected certifications outside France include the Poularde de Bruxelles from Belgium, the Steierische Poularde from Austria, and the Poularde Den Dungen from the Netherlands.[2]

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