Poultry farming in Kenya

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Location of Kenya
Small-scale poultry production in Kenya
Small-scale poultry production at a farm near Gilgil, Kenya

Poultry farming in Kenya is mostly practiced small-scale, and predominantly for domestic consumption. Poultry farming is the raising of domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, for the purposes of farming meat or eggs for food. In the advent of frequent food shortages and fluctuating prices, some farmers have embraced commercial poultry farming methods. These farmers are classified in the following categories:

  • Between 1 – 1000 birds: small scale farmers
  • Between 1001 – 10,000 birds: medium scale farmers
  • Above 10,000 birds: large scale farmers

The most prevalent poultry farming method in Kenya is chicken farming, although a small number of farmers rear other types of birds. Some farmers specialise on rearing chickens for meat only (broilers), while others focus on chickens for egg production (layers); and yet others specialise in rearing the Kienyeji type (indigenous chickens where both cocks and hens live together).

Commercial breeds[edit]

Commercial breeds of chickens currently available in Kenya are:

  1. Broilers
  2. Kari Improved Kienyeji Chicken by Homerange Poultry Kenya / Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO)
  3. Layers
  4. Kenbro
  5. Sasso
  6. Kuroiler


Broilers are the chickens reared for meat. In Kenya both individuals and companies engage in broiler farming. Some of the large scale companies that engage in large scale broiler production are Kenchic Limited and Brade Gate Poultry Industries. These companies supply meat companies locally and abroad.

Kari Improved Kienyeji Chicken by Homerange Poultry Kenya[edit]

The Kari Improved kienyeji chicken is a local indigenous chicken distributed by Homerange Poultry Kenya. The breed was developed by the Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) in 2012 as a dual purpose chicken which is ideal both for meat and also for egg production. The breed is comparatively cheaper to rear as it can be free ranged and is highly resistance to diseases. The breed also matures faster i.e. it starts production at 4.5 months of age. The breed is available commercially as Day Old chicks or month old chicks that may be obtained from Homerange Poultry Kenya ( http://www.homerangepoultry.com )


In Kenya some large scale companies that deal with layers are Kenchic Limited, Muguku Farms, s24 eggs and chicks nyeri Karatina Softkenya Farm Limited and Sigma Supplies.


Kenbro belongs to Kenchick. Kenbro chickens can be reared both for eggs and meat. These chickens are fed for six months before they start laying. Their eggs production is lower than the layers. Those reared for meat also take longer to mature as compared to broilers.

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